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Emso is a specialist asset manager, seeking to deliver positive risk managed returns on fixed income investments in emerging markets.

Emso's team combines decades of experience with a research-driven investment culture, analyzing the political, legal, economic, and technical aspects of each investment to build portfolios for Emso's investors.

The team supplements frequent travel to investment markets with a global network, which has been developed over many decades. Emso's research and risk management are aimed at identifying opportunities, scrutinizing them, and checking and re-checking their investment premise.

Emso is employee-owned with offices in London, Greenwich, and Miami and incorporates a technology driven operations platform directed at delivering high quality investment solutions for its global and predominantly institutional investor base.

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Company History

Decades of experience in
emerging markets investing

  • Foundations of the firm

    Emso was created in 2000 by a highly specialized team with deep knowledge gained in the formative years of emerging markets. The investment team viewed emerging markets as a diversified set of opportunities - not a single asset class - that required a disciplined research approach.

  • Experience of Team

    The members of Emso's senior investment team average over 20 years of experience investing in emerging markets. The team has built a global network of policy specialists to gain deep insight in the drivers for each opportunity.

  • Emso Today

    With over 50 experienced professionals in London, Greenwich, and Miami, Emso is a diversified fixed income asset manager in emerging markets. The team manages multiple strategies, including absolute return, unconstrained long only, and private credit, as well as opportunistic and tailored strategies.

  • Our Values


    We value transparency and want our investors to have insight into our investment process, know what our portfolios invest in, and stay informed about the rationale behind our positions.


    We have built operations and technology solutions to provide accurate and, where possible, automated settlement across our portfolios.


    We are a signatory to the UN PRI and integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance factors into our investment analysis.